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Howay The Lasses are a vibrant new musical group that celebrate the lives of notable women heroes of the North East of England through original songs and arrangements. Critically-acclaimed artists in their own right, singer and accordionist Annie Ball, father and daughter singer-songwriter combination Gareth and Bronwen Davies-Jones, and cellist Katie Tertell began working together in 2021 through collaboration funded by the Arts Council of England and the NE Endowment for Musical Traditions. 

The result is a profound and engaging original canon of material in tribute to the lives of women throughout history and today, spanning from the Newcastle United Women’s Football team today all the way back to Claudia Severa from the ancient Roman empire, as well as women in between like proto-feminist Mary Astel, activist Rachel Parsons and mathematician Janet Taylor.

The members of Howay the Lasses have won over the hearts and minds of music lovers across the globe with their tales of female tragedy, heroism and ingenuity. Performing at a variety of venues, from festivals to libraries, and making countless public appearances, this talented band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. 


Annie Ball

Accordion, Piano, Voice

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